Photo Credit: Paul Millington

We now have over 60 signatures on paper and more than 760 on the 38 degrees campaign website. Several people have taken the time to leave comments on 38 degrees describing how they feel about what is being done to the community around Great Wolford. I’ve documented some below to that you can see.

If you haven’t signed the petition yet, please click on this link to do so (and don’t forget to leave a comment)!

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We need the heart of our village back.!! – Morne J.
We first came here to look at a house in 1985 and had a lunch time drink at the pub. That decided us to buy the house where we still live. – C K
Having worked in catering and being a keen Cotswolds pub goer, I knew the second I walked into this pub that it would fail. The couple just did not have it, what is takes to a make a pub a place to return to. That said I went back several times, and sadly my opinion never changed. They were wrong from the start, they failed, not the pub. With the right management, the Fox and Hounds is the perfect Inn to visit and to be successful, and therefore it must remain. – Sarah L.
Another example of greed eating up long-standing local traditions with no thought for local residents or visitors – they should be ashamed – Mark L
Its of great historical importance and an important part of (the) Gt Wolford community – judith b.
Too many of our great pubs are disappearing, they are a crucial part of village life and communities away from more populated areas. – Tony H.
This global world is a sad enough place without individuals selfishly for their own gains, breaking up happy and thriving village communities….  – we v.
I used to love going to this pub… the closest local to my village! – Alicia T
(I signed the petition) Because it used to be a fine pub and should be again – Charlotte C
We need to keep pubs like this at the heart of the community. – Vincent B
The pub was the beating heart of the village. – Mitch P
It deserves to be returned to its previous position as a village asset that was well regarded by locals and visitors alike. A village without a pub is not complete. – Alan H
Was this pub bought with the intention of turning it into a house as commercial property is cheaper? – john e
I have always loved visiting this pub, had some great times there. I can’t believe it’s not viable – it was a real attraction for visitors and locals alike on a regular basis. – Beverley B
It’s a bloody disgrace. – Wesley S
I have been going to this pub all my life and, up until now, it has always been a friendly, cosy environment to sit down and have a drink and some food. The pub still has great potential in the right hands and it would be such a shame to lose it. – Tom P
Too many village assets like this being lost. If the owners say can’t make it pay, then they should sell it to people who can! – Paul M.
I signed because I believe in community! Don’t destroy communities, let people have a place to connect! – OZAn n
The village needs a pub for the community to stay as one not a sole dwelling had many a fond memory at the fox and hounds and hope many more get to enjoy in the future. – kelly h
A village needs a pub for the community to come together, a village hall is just not the same. You also can’t let people run a pub down so they can take it over for themselves to go on living there. In the past it was a busy happy place to be.. – Penny M.

My wife and I love visiting the delightful pubs of The Cotswolds – this is one of our favourites over the years ! Sadly we lost our local The Meynell Ingram Arms in Hoar Cross two years ago and it is still boarded up. Rich new owners who hadnt got a clue about running a pub tried and failed. Now they are effectively sticking two fingers up to our local community ! So sad that you seem saddled with similarly selfish owners. Good Luck ! – Derek W.