Report of the inaugural meeting Friday October 20th


Friday’s first meeting and social event in support of the campaign to rescue Great Wolford’s pub was a great success with 67 villagers attending. There was a short explanation/discussion session followed by a supper generously funded by the Wolfords village fund.

It was unanimously agreed that we want the pub is perfectly viable and that we want it open once more run by proper management who understand the hospitality business and have the skills and passion to restore what was once one of the most successful pubs in the area.

The only stain on the evening was the arrival of Jackie Harding, representing The Fox and Hounds Inn Great Wolford Limited. Despite being told several times that she was not welcome and that the meeting was for supporters of the campaign she refused to leave. Eventually she was ejected but remained in the car park shouting at arriving supporters that they were ‘wasting their time’ and were ‘to blame for the pub’s failure’ before screaming “Don’t think you’ll ever get your pub back because you won’t” and eventually leaving. The following morning the pub sign had been removed. One is hard-pressed not to conclude that spite and vitriol of this nature contributed to the complete failure of the current owners’ business.

There is a Pop-up Pub (with a cash bar) at the village hall on Friday November 4th. Full details will be posted here soon.